Flying Information

Flying times are set out below

The fields that LMFC and the football club use belong to Mole Valley District Council. They were a bequest to the council, made on condition that they should be used for recreational activities.

LMFC have a licence from MVDC for the use of our field for a set number of hours each month, all year round. Since 2020 we are permitted an average of 30 hours per week. This is made up of 10 hours which may be IC powered models and a further 20 hours of electric (silent) flight.

Every year the wind, rain, flooding of the field and other difficulties always make some flying sessions impracticable. To make up for this other occasional events such as a summer evening barbeque may be declared by the committee.

Our flying hours are generally as follows – more detailed information is available under the Whats On section of our web pages.  Committee members may modify these hours at their discretion within the guidelines they are required to follow:

Electric (Silent) flight

Monday2pm to 5pm1pm to 4pm (or dusk)
Tuesday2pm to 5pm**1pm to 4pm (or dusk)
Wednesday2pm to 5pm1pm to 4pm (or dusk)
Thursday2pm to 8pm (Light permitting)1pm to 4pm (or dusk)
Friday2pm to 5pm**1pm to 4pm (or dusk)
Saturday2pm to 8pm (Light permitting)10 am to 4pm (or dusk)
Sunday11am to 5pm 10am to 4pm (or dusk)

** During the summer months this may be extended to 8pm subject to keyholder availability and not exceeding the 30 hr per week limit. It is recommended to liaise via the WhatsApp group before arriving at site to ensure that flying is taking place

IC flight

Tuesday2pm to 5pm1pm to 4pm (or dusk)
Saturday1pm to 6pm 10 am to 4pm (or dusk)
Sunday12pm to 5pm12pm to 4pm (or dusk)

During the winter months flying starts earlier to make better use of the limited light.  Members should preferably make use of the LMFC WhatsApp group to check attendance of a keyholder and their arrival time to avoid a wasted trip