Membership Fees

Fees for 2024

Club Subscriptions are due by 1st January of each year. Full details of current subscription costs can be found towards the bottom of this page.


BMFA Membership

As well as club membership we can facilitate the renewal of your BMFA membership (a requirement for membership). These are currently:

BMFA Fees: Seniors £47 a year, Juniors £20 a year.

BMFA Family Partners fees: £30 and Family Juniors £15


Training Costs

For those wishing to be trained using the club equipment a training equipment maintenance /replacement charge will be made – see below (Please see the learning to fly section)

It has been decided by the Committee to decrease the club membership fees this year (2024).  However, the club will continue with the improvements of our facilities as planned.

The table below shows the cost of a full year’s subscription. New members joining part way through the year will receive a pro rata refund when they renew at the end of the year.

As you may be aware, the BMFA have raised Senior membership from £42 to £47 for 2024. However since LMFC has run a modest surplus in recent years due to the increased membership, we are pleased to have been able to reduce club Senior memberships from £45 to £42 & Junior memberships from £22.50 to £21.

The BMFA fees can either be paid directly to the BMFA or through the club.  The £10 CAA ‘drone’ Registration Fees, now required by law (see elsewhere on the website), should be paid directly to the CAA or through the BMFA (the club will no longer manage the payment of these fees).  Choose the appropriate method you wish to use for payment from the table below to determine the fees payable to the club.

Our Treasurer, Andy Harding, will be sending out emails to all current members and informing those who joined during the current year their pro-rata’d rate and giving the bank details for bank transfers

For those joining the club there is a one-off joining fee – Seniors: £25.00    Juniors: £10

Training equipment maintenance /replacement charge (for those wishing to use club equipment to learn) :-

Juniors      Year 1 £25, Year 2 £50

Seniors       Year 1 £50, Year 2 £100

TypeBMFA FeeClub FeeTotalTotal for new
member including
joining fee
Seniors (Adults)£47.00£42.00£89.00*£114.00*
Seniors (Adults)£42.00£42.00£67.00
Family Partners (Adults)£30.00£42.00£72.00*£97.00*
Family Partners (Adults)-£42.00£42.00£67.00
Family Juniors£15.00£21.00£36.00£46.00
Family Juniors-£21.00£21.00£31.00

* The club will no longer be handling CAA fees so these will need to be done directly with either the BMFA or the CAA

Payment can be made by bank transfer (preferred) or by cheque.  Note that the Bank account details have changed since last year, so please ensure that you use the new bank account details as in your renewal notice from the Treasurer

Please contact the treasurer for details on how to pay at