Members Projects

This page follows members build progress on the projects they have in hand.  See what others are up to and get inspired for your own project.  There is plenty of advice available from our members who have a wide range of knowledge and experience.

To get things started I have also added a couple of older build projects at the end

Alex Blackwell’s Dancing Wings T30

Alex Blackwell’s Rat Riot 4 

Alex Blackwell’s Rat Riot mk2

Alex Blackwell’s Twinstar

Alex Blackwell’s Rat Cruiser

Chris Kendall’s SAS Apache Glider

Chris Kendall’s Blizzard

Clive Jones’s Raptor

Clive Jones’s Foam board F22 Raptor

Dave O’Brien’s Wellington build

Ian Harvey’s Sprite Thermal e Glider  Not plan built but certainly not a simple ARTF build!

Jeremy Martin  Learning to paint busts

Jeremy Martin Adventures in figure painting pt 1

Jeremy Martin Adventures in figure painting pt 2

Jeremy Martin – BAE Hawk

Martin Allen’s Gyrocopter

Nick Colham’s Oodeally

Ian Newton’s Lancaster  Built some years ago but still to be maidened.  Hopefully 2021!

Ian Newton’s Spitfire Mk IX – again made some years ago but this one has flown successfully!