Slope Soaring

Slope Soaring

The club field provides great facilities and challenges for fixed wing motorised flight, whether it would be a regular engined model or a powered glider taking advantage of the thermals above the field and surroundings. For those looking for some more off-road thrills or who want to fly in windier conditions, there is also a growing number of members who are slope soaring on a regular basis. This uses the updrafts coming up a slope to keep the planes in the air, sometimes resulting in very significant speeds..

Members from the club regularly attend the following flying sites:

  • Colley Hill
  • Ditchling Beacon
  • Devil’s Dyke
  • Firle Beacon

For a list of slope soaring sites please have a look at the Slope Hunter site at

If you are interested just ping the club WhatsApp group and one of the regulars will be very happy to provide insights, guidance and support.